Dietary Supplements For Gas

Do you know gas can cause bad breath? Now imagine burping at an important meeting or dinner...Oops. Not cool, right? No doubt this is one of the many problems of having excessive gas in your stomach.

However, intestinal gas is preventable. There are dietary supplements for gas that can be taken before or after a meal to prevent the gas production or flatulence

Before we go further on how dietary supplements help prevent gas, let’s look at the causes of gas.

Causes of Gas

Gas is one of the symptoms of dietary and food intolerance. Dietary intolerance occurs because of low-level activity of digestive enzymes in charge of the absorption and breaking down of food components into smaller units needed by the body for energy and growth.

When you cannot digest food well, the undigested food components become a problem. They are not consumed by the body to give energy neither are they excreted. They stay in the stomach, causing many troubles including bloating, gas, and stomach discomfort.

Other known causes of gas are eating too fast, consuming a lot of fatty and fried food, carbonated drinks, high-fiber food, dairy products, and heredity.

Treatment for Gas

Some cases of gas are extreme. If you have severe intestinal gas complaints, it is best to see your family doctor. Other examples of gas can be treated with natural remedies and dietary supplements.

Natural remedies include performing a colon cleanse and incorporating proper eating habits.

But for a more effective treatment, take dietary supplements. Digesta Alpha is an excellent example of a useful nutritional supplement for gas.

Treating Gas With A Dietary Supplement

Taking dietary supplements for gas is one of the best treatments for intestinal gas because it tackles the source of the problem dietary intolerance. Nutritional supplements provide the body the enzymes it requires to digest the offending food.

Let’s say you are lactose intolerant, i.e., your body cannot break lactose into the smaller sugars glucose and galactose that it needs because of a deficiency in lactase. Lactase is the enzyme required to break down lactose into glucose and galactose. You will need to take a dietary supplement that can provide enough lactase to increase the level of activity of the enzyme in your body. Simple.

How Digesta Alpha Can Help

Sometimes, it is difficult to identify the food causing intestinal gas. In such instances, it is better to use a multi-enzyme dietary supplement for gas. This is where our Digesta Alpha multi-enzyme nutritional supplement comes in.

Digesta Alpha is effective for treatment of intolerance to cellulose, fats and oil, lactose, and complex carbohydrate. Enzymes found in this dietary supplement includes cellulase, alpha-amylase, lactase, lipase, and alpha-galactosidase.

In conclusion, it does not matter the food intolerance that is responsible for your intestinal gas (which can contribute to foul breathe, remember?), our Digesta Alpha multi-enzyme dietary supplement can treat it.

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