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The relationship between what we eat and our overall wellbeing is so powerful that our eating habits will determine not only how we function in the immediate future, but whether and how our health will be affected on the long-term. We, at Digesta, take nutrition very seriously, because improper eating is known to cause a lot of digestive problems. And that doesn’t stop there.

Often, digestive enzyme supplements are needed to regulate internal processes but identifying the signs of an ineffective digestive process is trickier than most people think. That being said, some

Examples include:

- Bad breath – This is usually the most common sign that your digestive system isn’t functioning at its full capacity. Poor oral hygiene doesn't always      cause bad breath; it can also suggest a bacterial imbalance in the gut area, allowing the bad ones to multiply over the safe limits

- Feeling tired after each meal – This may be a sign of a lazy digestive system, where improper digestion causes your body to redirect most of your energy towards the gut area, trying to speed up the process.

- Food allergies and intolerances – These are two different reactions, with the latter being the more benign one. But one of the leading causes for both of them is the lack of lactase, an intestinal digestive enzyme whose role is to break down lactose Unexplained weight loss or weight gain.

– Either of these symptoms can relate to reduced levels of digestive enzymes or even to the complete absence of some of them.

These are a few of the problems associated with weak and ineffective digestion that make digestive enzyme supplements a necessity. And, when considering that such issues could potentially evolve into more serious health issues, these biological catalysts start shining in a whole new light.

The importance of digestive enzymes

You cannot have a healthy organism without healthy, efficient digestion and you can’t have efficient absorption without the necessary enzymes. It is a strict system where one wheel depends on another and when If one malfunction the others will too. But what do they do?

In short, they:

- Reduce or even eliminate the impact of food intolerances
- Allow for increased and sustainable levels of energy, due to a more efficient digestive process
- Eliminate excessive bloating and gases
- Significantly improve gastrointestinal functioning
- Alleviate the symptoms of indigestion, as well as prevent the problem altogether
- Allow you to eat foods you couldn’t eat before, like dairy products, foods containing gluten or fructose and so on

Despite these immediate benefits, having an optimal level of enzymes in the digestive tract will allow you to control your bodyweight a lot easier. Whether you plan on losing some or, on the contrary, gain a few additional pounds, having a proper digestive system is the first condition to meet.

The need for digestive enzyme supplements can only be satisfied by resorting to specialists in the field of nutrition. Specialists like Digesta, a team of dedicated, experts whose primary goal is to raise awareness about the importance of digestion in defining health and wellbeing.

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