Food Intolerances

Despite being relatively mild in its manifestations and overall benign, food intolerance can cause unpleasantness nonetheless. Estimated to occur in 5% to 20% of the world’s population, it is one condition that, even though it does not deliver severe symptoms, it can cause some rather unpleasant symptoms when trying to eat a specific kind of food or one that contains a particular compound. This is why we, at Digesta, are fighting to help people overcome their food intolerances and be able to eat the foods that they like.

But what are the downsides of having an intolerance to a specific product? One of the most relevant of them include symptoms like:

    - Moderate headaches and migraines
    - Consistent coughing
    - Stomach pain, combined with bloating and gases build-up
    - Fatigue and lack of energy
    - Occasional reflux or even vomiting
    - Urticaria, dermatitis, eczema, rashes or redness of the skin
    - Diarrhea, constipation or IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
    - In some cases, anaphylaxis

Depending on the food having been ingested and the severity of the reaction, other symptoms may join the list as well. And one of the worst is anaphylaxis which, despite being an allergic reaction, can occur in the case of food intolerance as well. What makes it so dangerous is the fact that it is potentially lethal.

Possible solutions

In the case of most food intolerances, the main problem is that the digestive system cannot efficiently break down specific compounds in food. Those having low levels of lactase, as well as those who lack the enzyme entirely, will not be able to digest dairy products, milk inclusively.

Digestive enzymes are crucial for proper digestion, as well as for countering the symptoms of food intolerance. This is why, in many cases, digestive enzyme supplements are needed to counterbalance the system’s deficiencies. But this is not the sole use of digestive enzymes. There are other benefits aside from alleviating the symptoms of food intolerance or food allergy, including:

    - They reduce the inflammation in the gut area
    - Assist in better digestion of food, especially ailments that are harder to break down
    - Improve the assimilation of nutrients
    - Significantly reduce food sensitivities, whether allergies or intolerances
    - Increase the efficiency of the immune system
    - Support higher levels of energy
    - Greatly improve cellular regenerative properties

But, undoubtedly, one of the leading benefits is the digestive support they provide, allowing people not only to experience fewer symptoms related to food sensitivities but also to be able to taste and eat foods they were previously unable to. It is for this reason that digestive enzyme supplements are growing in popularity across the globe.

Having an effective and reliable digestive system is the quintessence of a healthier, more active lifestyle. And dealing with food intolerances should be the number one priority in a world where eating is no longer only a need, but a pleasure. In this context, the team at Digesta aims at delivering one of the best solutions to food intolerance there are: high-quality digestive enzyme supplements.

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