Supplement To Prevent Gas

Gas or bloating is entirely normal. However, it can become very irritating and uncomfortable. It is natural for one to burp, as this is a part of the digestion process. As predictable as it is or could be, it can come alongside some discomfort and irritation. Gas, burping or bloating may occur as a result of taking foods high in fiber, drinking carbonated drinks, smoking and hastily eating or drinking.

Some eating habits as well can contribute to gas. Sometimes, when you are eating hastily, it may get to the point that you feel like you are going to choke on the food. This may then lead you to reach for a glass of water to flush down the food in your throat. When you do this, you cause what is known as "Distention of the stomach," a situation where balls of air build up in the different parts of your intestine. Since air is less dense than the food or drinks, no matter what they could be, it would want to force its way out.

Sometimes, this process of distention gets a bit difficult, and gives you a desperate urge to get rid of the gas at all costs, due to the sensations caused or the discomfort the body feels. This can lead you to force the air out (sometimes you even have to stop eating the food momentarily). Other times, you get lucky, and you can push some air out successfully through a process known as "belching."

How to prevent gas

Avoiding foods that trigger such reaction or knowing the right amount of such foods to take (the amount your body can tolerate) is an excellent way to get rid of these stress. Your body's threshold may be a cube of cheese instead of a large chunk of it or one or two cookies instead of ten. In a case where you cannot abstain from the foods, or you are always tempted to eat more than what you can tolerate, opt for a supplement to prevent gas. Such supplements have proved to be helpful over the years in the prevention of gas in the stomach. Diagesta alpha is a great supplement to prevent gas that has some digestive enzymes that improve gastrointestinal (GI) functioning.

Supplements are also known for alleviating the symptoms and after effects of such foods in your body. These Supplements help to retain or replenish the natural level of enzyme in the body. For gas, bloating and indigestion, there are quite some supplements that can help. These supplements help the body to break down and absorb the nutrients that initially would be difficult for the body to handle.

Who should take these supplements?

It is not uncommon for people to react to some classes of food they eat. The type of food that brings such reaction should be taken note of, to know what level the response belongs to (whether it is a food allergy or dietary intolerance). In the case of gas, bloating and burping, dietary intolerance is what you should pay attention to. Anyone and everyone can take these supplements. If this applies to you,

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